The Mother of the Bride Guide - Katie Martin

The Mother of the Bride Guide

The Mother of the Bride Guide

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A contemporary guide for today's mother of the bride! Congratulations! Your daughter is engaged! Now it's time to start planning the big event. The Mother of the Bride Guide will help you get your daughter down the aisle in style. With expert guidance every step of the way, wedding planner Katie Martin explains all you need to know about:Getting the most out of Pinterest and wedding-planning sitesMeeting the future in-lawsNavigating sticky situations, like ex-spouses and former family membersMastering social media etiquetteKnowing when to speak up--and when to keep quiet!This practical guide covers everything you need to make sure your daughter has the perfect--and stress-free--day of her dreams.
Язык: английский Категория: Психология Переводчик:

Издатель: Adams Media
Опубликовано: 2016-11-04
ISBN: 9781440598302

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