The Stranger - S01E07 - C S Duffy

The Stranger - S01E07

The Stranger - S01E07

0.0 0 5 Автор: C S Duffy Чтец: Joanne Froggatt
Скоро 2018-11-01.
Things are reaching breaking point for Fergus. His malfunctioning imagination threatens to overwhelm him. Fergus must decide whether he is willing to risk everything and return to his old habits. Will Tess support him when he tells her everything that has been happening? Alex continues with the investigation and meets people who knew Kati before she was incarcerated. They seem willing to talk and Alex arranges to meet them again. Will they have any of the missing pieces of the puzzle? Meanwhile, Lia Svensson and the elite of Sweden’s law enforcement are continuing to publicly celebrating their achievements. Will the PR machine be able to conceal the rumours about Lia Svensson’s competency since the tragedy in her personal life?
Язык: английский Категория: Детективы Серия: The Stranger: 7 Переводчик:

Издатель: Storytel Original
Длительность: 55М

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